Wendy Fraser
Wendy Fraser
Artist and Photographer

Wendy Fraser is a professional photographer and artist based in Gloucester in the ruggedly beautiful Barrington Tops region of New South Wales, Australia.

Often inspired by surface marks and textures created by time and the existence of life, Wendy’s art also reflects her interest in Abstract Expressionism.

“There are certain elements unique to the nature of photography - chemical processes, light reactions and the camera’s ability to capture exactly and record a particular moment in time.”

The attempt to conceptualise time – the ‘fourth dimension’ – permeates Wendy’s work.

In addition to her art, Wendy has a stock of images including some stunning images of the landscape and industry taken in and around Nelson, New Zealand, where she was based for 6 years.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from The University of Western Sydney. She worked as a professional photographer for Intervision Photography, a busy commercial studio in Newcastle, NSW, where she gained valuable skills in studio lighting, sophisticated set design and large format photography.

To view Wendy’s extensive stock of photographs or to discuss a commission, contact Wendy on 02 65 589 803 or email wendy@wendyfraser.com.au.